The bottles are 500 ml and are purchased in boxes of 12 units. In the future we hope to be able to incorporate other formats.

PLA (Poly-lactic Acid) is a compound derived from Dextrose (sugar) which means that our bottles are free of chemicals and toxins apart from being biodegradable and recyclable without being harmful to the environment. In our case, the PLA we use comes from corn.

Not necessarily. It can be made from any sugar-based crop, such as beets or beets, sugar cane or wheat.

Plants undergo a milling process to extract starch (glucose). Enzymes are added to this to convert glucose to dextrose through a process called hydrolysis. The microorganisms ferment the dextrose into lactic acid and then transform the lactic acid molecules into lactic acid rings.

Yes it’s correct. In the production of plant-based bottles, carbon emissions are reduced by more than 60% and we use 50% less fossil fuel compared to the production of PET plastic bottles.

Our bottles and caps have characteristics that allow us to close their life cycle in the best way. They can be recycled, reused as you like or composted. This makes us make a big difference vs. PET bottles.

Yes, all our bottles and caps are 100% compostable, biodegradable and do not use labels.

In industrial facilities it will take around 6 months, in a well-managed homemade compost between 12 to 24 months.

No. We do not use labels. Our brand and information is printed directly on the bottle with vegetable inks

No, our bottles are packed in cardboard boxes so they can be recycled.

Yes, our PLA bottles have been certified by the European Food Contact Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and the FDA (USA). We have also tested our bottles with the consultancy Smithers Rapra to confirm that they are 100% PLA and also biodegradable. A copy of the reports is available upon request.

The water contained in the bottle is ultra purified, packaged in Chile and is sodium free.

At the moment, no. We are working on alternatives to deliver sparkling water as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Yes, the bottles are perfect to personally fill with water, juice or any non-carbonated liquid and are free of artificial chemicals. However, do not put them in the dishwasher or use them for hot liquids like tea or coffee, they do not like intense heat.

Yes, if you are a company, please contact us at our email for more information.